I enjoy playing with time series data, the design of algorithms, and UNIX systems. My shell is currently bash, and I use emacs. cron is awesome, and you should always remember that you can change the delimiter in sed.

In 2011, I started working at Hudson River Trading as an "algorithm developer" - a blend of a data scientist and a software engineer who builds and maintains models to drive trading strategies. If you're really curious to see where else I've worked, you can look at my (almost certainly out-of-date) résumé.

I graduated from MIT with an S.B. in Mathematics and an S.B. in Computer Science and Engineering in June 2011. I minored in Economics.

While still in Cambridge, I was an active member of the Student Information Processing Board, MIT's volunteer student computing group. Through SIPB, I worked on the Debathena project, a student-developed implementation of MIT's Athena system for Debian and Ubuntu. I worked with other student maintainers to get MIT's IT department to adopt Debathena as the official Athena release; now it is used campus-wide on public workstations. It is also a popular way to interface student personal computers with MIT's systems.

I helped teach Python programming to women with the Boston Python Workshop in 2011. One of the projects I mentored was ColorWall, a framework for implementing and displaying effects for a wall of pixels; I created a presentation to aid instruction.

I don't generally put projects on GitHub, but my dotfiles can be found there.