Loose Leaf Security album art: Loose Leaf Security text and a lock inspired teapot in shades of green

Loose Leaf Security

I co-host and produce Loose Leaf Security, a podcast about making good computer security for everyone. My co-host, Geoffrey Thomas, and I believe you don't need to be a software engineer or security professional to understand how to keep your devices and data safe. In every episode, we tackle a typical security concern or walk you through a recent incident.

Private Vics album art: a hybrid skyline of San Francisco and New York, moon with silhouettes of Vic and Tori, Private Vics text

Private Vics

I create Private Vics, a horror/comedy audio drama podcast about two friends who investigate the weird and spooky in New York and San Francisco, with Kanane Jones. We co-write and star in the show, and I'm also in charge of production and sound design.

In addition to creating a podcast about personal computer security, Geoffrey Thomas and I are working on releasing our Pelican-based podcasting setup.