I'm Elizabeth Denys, but really you should call me "Liz". I'm a technology and music nerd who lives in Brooklyn. My favorite shape is the triangle.

I currently work at Hudson River Trading as an "algorithm developer" - a blend of a data scientist and a software engineer who builds and maintains models to drive trading.

I study vocal performance; I'm a soprano. On Sunday mornings, you can find me singing with the choir at Saint Peter's Church in midtown Manhattan.

You can also find me writing on my blog, posting recipes to my food blog, and opining on Twitter.

If I don't know you personally, I prefer that you contact me by email at liz@lizdenys.com. If you want, here's my PGP key, but I'm often slow to decrypt and respond to PGP-encrypted mail. Someday, I'd like to fix this by helping to create a simple, verifiable, and secure interface for encrypted communication.