New Loose Leaf Security episode: digital photos and privacy

Making sure your digital photos aren't leaking your location or other information is one of the most important technology-related privacy issues influencing your physical safety, so make sure to catch the latest episode of Loose Leaf Security:

A hand holding a digital camera over a table set for a tea party: two teacups, jam, clotted cream, scones, deviled eggs, and a tart; the screen on the camera also shows the tea party spread

Digital photos and privacy

Digital photos contain more than meets the eye: they have metadata and other hidden information that can compromise your privacy. Liz and Geoffrey take a look at Exif metadata and other non-obvious ways that photos from your phone or camera might be sharing more than they want. Also, the new iOS 12 has some neat security features, and Yahoo! Mail has some not-so-neat privacy concerns.

Also, iOS 12 is out now, so if you have an iPhone or iPad, make sure to update!

New Loose Leaf Security episode: security stories! Plus, a 2FA zine!

The previous Loose Leaf Security series on safely surfing the web was pretty dense, so Geoffrey and I filled the latest episode of Loose Leaf Security with a bunch of our own personal security mishaps:

A striped kitten walking on a laptop keyboard, the laptop has tape over the webcam and Loose Leaf Security's homepage on the screen

Security stories: lost phones, a compromised computer, and an unexpected keyboard cat

As a change of pace, Liz and Geoffrey take a look back at security incidents in their own lives and talk about lessons they've learned - why phone backups are important, an unintentional security hole, and a security key gone rogue. In security news, the GDPR results in mildly positive changes for web tracking, and Fortnite's installer has exactly the vulnerability we were afraid of.

We're also heading to XOXO tomorrow and made a zine on two-factor authentication to hand out:

Loose Leaf Security presents two-factor authentication, a zine making good computer security for everyone by Liz Denys & Geoffrey Thomas License and page 1 pages 2 and 3 pages 4 and 5 pages 6 and 7 pages 8 and 9

It's licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, so you can copy and redistribute this zine in any medium or format. Feel free to download our zine for printing (8.5"x11", double-sided on the short edge and folded down the middle) or get the copy that's easy to view online or on your computer!

Introducing Private Vics, a new horror/comedy audio drama podcast

I just launched a new project with Kanane Jones: Private Vics, a horror/comedy audio drama podcast about two friends who investigate the weird and spooky in New York and San Francisco. Here's a bit of background on the story:

Two friends who both happen to be named Victoria (but don't call them that!) meet at a ghost hunting convention, resulting in the finest paranormal private detective agency the world has ever known (or maybe it's just the silliest). If you're having an issue with hauntings, curses, cryptids or other paranormal phenomena, or even if you just want some spooky research done, the Private Vics of Victori Investigations should be your first stop!

Kanane and I co-write and star in the show. I also handle production and sound design, and Kanane handles our graphic design and visual art direction (it's gorgeous) and manages our social media (phew). I had a lot of fun arranging and producing the music for our trailer, which is out now!

Private Vics album art: a hybrid skyline of San Francisco and New York, moon with silhouettes of Vic and Tori, Private Vics text

Ground Rules

Private Vics: a new horror/comedy audio drama podcast about two friends who investigate the weird and spooky in New York and San Francisco, from Liz Denys & Kanane Jones. Season 1 coming soon! Subscribe now on your favorite podcatcher.

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New Loose Leaf Security series: safely surfing the web

Three more episodes of Loose Leaf Security are out, a series about safely browsing the web:

Loose Leaf Security teapot on the horizon similar to the Netscape logo

The history of the Web and an introduction to browser security

The web can be a scary place - but once you get to know it a little better, it doesn't feel as scary. Liz and Geoffrey go back to 1990 to figure out how the web came to be what it is today and discuss how browsers keep us safe. Also, two very good improvements to HTTPS in today's version of Chrome, and the future of Android security just got a whole lot more complicated.

Tea kettle plugged into a wall outlet and a plate of frosted leaf cookies

Web security continued: cookies, plugins, and extensions

Continuing our exploration of web browser security from last episode, Liz and Geoffrey look into cookies, JavaScript, extensions, and plugins and discuss how best to mitigate their privacy and security risks while browsing the web. Plus, a serious Reddit breach provides a timely reminder to toughen your two-factor.

A red teacup with a man-in-the-middle design on it intercepts tea pouring from a teapot into a teacup placed on the table

Keeping your web browsing private

In the third and last episode in the series on web security, Liz and Geoffrey look at HTTPS and how it keeps your web browsing both private and secure, and they also investigate private browsing or incognito mode and what exactly that mode does for your privacy. Plus, a new version of the protocol behind HTTPS and the latest Android release are cause for celebration, while Facebook and Google's approaches to data privacy are cause for concern.

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New Loose Leaf Security series: all about phone security

Two more episodes of Loose Leaf Security are out, a series about phone security:

A locked phone by a teacup

Securing your phone

We take our phones everywhere and trust them with a lot of sensitive information, but have we put enough thought into how to secure them? Liz and Geoffrey discuss different aspects of securing the smartphone you have, including passcodes, location services, notifications, and digital voice assistants. Plus, a question from a caller and a major Supreme Court decision!

A two-tiered cake stand: the top tier has Android and Apple logo frosted cookies, the bottom tier has various tea sandwiches

Comparing Android and iOS security

Considering buying a new phone? Liz and Geoffrey compare the different security models of Android and iOS, the two most popular smartphone options on the market. We also talk about California's new privacy law, a number of recent attacks on cell phones, and how Tinder swiped left on bad crypto.

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