Et Cetera

I guess there may be some other quirks miscellany you might be interested in?

I enjoy writing; my favorite punctuation mark is the semicolon.

I have a lot of opinions, especially about technical solutions to social problems; I pretend that many of those opinions can be reduced to a series of posts containing no more than 140 characters.

On September 17, 2016, I married this wonderful person named Matt.

I often cook and bake; I've developed an intense love of Dutch ovens. I've been intermittently recording my flour usage since 2010. Maybe someday I will finish my cookbook, Counter Productive.

I am a sister of Alpha Chi Omega; I was initiated into the Theta Omicron chapter in 2007. One of the positions I held was the chapter song leader; I wrote new lyrics to the MIT's "The Engineer's Drinking Song" honoring ΑΧΩ.

I support the Brooklyn Academy of Music and regularly attend their theatre, opera, and music performances.

I like reading, especially modern fiction written by women and poetry.

I grew up in Chicago, so, naturally, I am a fan of the Cubs and the Blackhawks.

Intellectually, I know that dark chocolate is superior to milk chocolate, but Cadbury Dairy Milk is my favorite guilty pleasure. I have a small stockpile of UK Dairy Milk, but it's getting harder and harder for Americans to get their hands on the good stuff...

I write lists.

I have a couple random websites, just for fun: Unicode Heart for You and Loving him was re-e-e-e-e-e-e-ed.

If we agreed that you'd pay me back for part of a dinner or something instead of splitting the bill there, you can find me on Square Cash or PayPal.