New Loose Leaf Security episode: Digital photos and privacy

Making sure your digital photos aren't leaking your location or other information is one of the most important technology-related privacy issues influencing your physical safety, so make sure to catch the latest episode of Loose Leaf Security:

A hand holding a digital camera over a table set for a tea party: two teacups, jam, clotted cream, scones, deviled eggs, and a tart; the screen on the camera also shows the tea party spread

Digital photos and privacy

Digital photos contain more than meets the eye: they have metadata and other hidden information that can compromise your privacy. Liz and Geoffrey take a look at Exif metadata and other non-obvious ways that photos from your phone or camera might be sharing more than they want. Also, the new iOS 12 has some neat security features, and Yahoo! Mail has some not-so-neat privacy concerns.

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