New Loose Leaf Security episode: Security stories! Plus, a 2FA zine!

The previous Loose Leaf Security series on safely surfing the web was pretty dense, so Geoffrey and I filled the latest episode of Loose Leaf Security with a bunch of our own personal security mishaps:

A striped kitten walking on a laptop keyboard, the laptop has tape over the webcam and Loose Leaf Security's homepage on the screen

Security stories: lost phones, a compromised computer, and an unexpected keyboard cat

As a change of pace, Liz and Geoffrey take a look back at security incidents in their own lives and talk about lessons they've learned - why phone backups are important, an unintentional security hole, and a security key gone rogue. In security news, the GDPR results in mildly positive changes for web tracking, and Fortnite's installer has exactly the vulnerability we were afraid of.

Head over to Loose Leaf Security or click the link above for the full audio and our detailed show notes.

XOXO and a 2FA zine

We're also heading to XOXO tomorrow and made a zine on two-factor authentication to hand out:

Loose Leaf Security presents two-factor authentication, a zine making good computer security for everyone by Liz Denys & Geoffrey Thomas License and page 1 pages 2 and 3 pages 4 and 5 pages 6 and 7 pages 8 and 9

It's licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License, so you can copy and redistribute this zine in any medium or format. Feel free to download our zine for printing (8.5"x11", double-sided on the short edge and folded down the middle) or get the copy that's easy to view online or on your computer!

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