New Loose Leaf Security series: Securing your personal finances

Two more episodes of Loose Leaf Security are out, a series about securing your personal finances:

A restaurant receipt with a credit card near a teacup

Credit and debit card security

An important part of your personal digital security is making sure your credit and debit cards are secure. In this episode, Liz and Geoffrey take a look at how attackers clone credit and debit cards, how newer cards resist these attacks, whether it's safer to use mobile payment apps, and how to keep an eye on your credit reports. Also, cell phone carriers continue to sell your location data, and phishing attacks against accounts with two-factor auth have become more powerful.

Two teacups near a check that has just been filled out

Checks, mobile banking, cash transfer apps, and a bit more on credit cards

Liz and Geoffrey take a closer look at the security of checks and bank account numbers - a timely topic after a fraudster attempted to steal thousands of dollars from Liz with a counterfeit check - and also at mobile banking, cash transfer apps, and a bit more about credit cards. Plus, better encryption for Android, a major FaceTime bug, and practical lessons from Wells Fargo's day-long outage.

"Checks, mobile banking, cash transfer apps, and a bit more on credit cards" is our longest episode to date (just over 50 minutes!) - when going over the topics for that episode, we felt they should really be in one place. But don't worry: we've put in many musical breaks that make good places to pause. FYI, we don't expect future episodes to generally run this long.

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