New Loose Leaf Security episode: Two-factor authentication and account recovery

The second episode of Loose Leaf Security came out today, about two-factor authentication and account recovery:

A hardware security key with a leaf logo on a keychain near the spout of a steaming pot of tea

Two-factor authentication and account recovery

Last time we talked about strong passwords, but what if there was a better way to secure your account? We look at options for two-factor authentication, including text messages, apps, and security keys. Plus, security news from Apple, one of Liz's accounts got breached, and Geoffrey wants to celebrate a special birthday.

Head over to Loose Leaf Security for the full audio, show notes - including a deep dive into different two-factor authentication methods and which ones are supported by a handful of popular websites - and complete transcript. As a reminder, you can subscribe to Loose Leaf Security in your favorite podcatcher and follow the project on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.