New Loose Leaf Security series: all about phone security

Two more episodes of Loose Leaf Security are out, a series about phone security:

"Securing your phone"

We take our phones everywhere and trust them with a lot of sensitive information, but have we put enough thought into how to secure them? Liz and Geoffrey discuss different aspects of securing the smartphone you have, including passcodes, location services, notifications, and digital voice assistants. Plus, a question from a caller and a major Supreme Court decision!

and "Comparing Android and iOS security"

Considering buying a new phone? Liz and Geoffrey compare the different security models of Android and iOS, the two most popular smartphone options on the market. We also talk about California's new privacy law, a number of recent attacks on cell phones, and how Tinder swiped left on bad crypto.

Teacup and locked phone, high tea two-tiered tray with Android and Apple logo cookies on the top tier and tea sandwiches on the bottom tier

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