New Loose Leaf Security episode: Covering your webcams! Plus, our new newsletter and articles!

A new episode of Loose Leaf Security is out to remind you to cover your webcams when you aren't using them, and it features my favorite episode art yet:

A teapot by a laptop with its webcam on, but the image of the teapot is relatively obscured on the screen because the webcam is covered by a piece of translucent tape

Covering your webcams

Liz and Geoffrey take a look at how attackers compromise webcams and discuss why it's worth physically covering them. Malware and alleged threats of malware are only some of the avenues attackers take to access other people's webcams; vulnerabilities in legitimate software, like the recent Zoom security flaw, can also be exploited. Additionally, sharing ownership of your devices with another party like your school district or workplace may leave you and your webcams exposed. In the news, the FTC fines Facebook, weaknesses in Apple's iMessage and Visual Voicemail, and U2F support added to Firefox for Android.

Head over to Loose Leaf Security or click the link above for the full audio and our detailed show notes.

Loose Leaf Security's new articles section and newsletter

In addition to podcast episodes, we'll also be covering some security- and privacy-related topics in blog-style articles, where we can go into more detail than we could in an episode and write for multiple audiences, where appropriate. Our first article is already up: Instagram 'Unusual Login Attempt' verification loop failures.

Geoffrey and I are also starting to compile a weekly newsletter for Loose Leaf Security that will include short summaries of interesting security news as well links to any new Loose Leaf Security content. You can sign up here.

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