Save Congestion Pricing!

Gov. Kathy Hochul has announced an intention to "indefinitely pause" the scheduled rollout of congestion pricing on June 30.

Your voice is urgently needed to stand up for a funded MTA with increased accessibility, a healthy planet, and good government in New York. Stop a $15 billion disaster and take action today!


Congestion pricing will provide $15 billion in badly-needed funding for infrastructure improvements to the subway and other MTA projects. The state legislature passed the congestion pricing law years ago, and the program is set to begin on June 30.

New Yorkers need the original congestion pricing program to fund these transit improvements. We cannot let Gridlock Governor Kathy Hochul's reckless actions burden us with decades more of congestion and bad air quality. Her proposed plan to find an alternative funding source unjustly places the cost burden on hardworking, transit-riding New Yorkers.

Take action NOW

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