It's a piece of cake to bake a SIPB cake

Given four batches of a dark chocolate cake for two circular layer cakes and two small loaf cakes, vanilla buttercream frosting, chocolate buttercream frosting with black food coloring, homemade white vanilla fondant, homemade black chocolate fondant, a bread knife to carve shoes out of the two loaf cakes, decorating tips, white chocolate for eyes, and lots of time, you can make an adorable grumpy fuzzball cake:

Grumpy fuzzball cake: it's even three dimensional!

I was really pleased with how this cake turned out: it tasted like a gigantic oreo and looked adorable. However, kneading the fondant was rather frustrating. I actually had to knead it twice: even though the entire cake only took one batch, I first made white fondant to cover the shoe cakes, then had to knead in Dutch-process cocoa powder and black food coloring to make the black fondant for the fuzzball's body. I'm not sure if I'll make fondant from scratch again because the process was really time consuming and tough on my hands (kneading fondant is at least five times harder than kneading even the densest of breads), but nevertheless, I will probably use fondant to decorate more of my future cakes.