New Loose Leaf Security series: Securing your laptop and desktop computers

Four more episodes of Loose Leaf Security are out, a series about securing your laptop and desktop computers:

A laptop, a screwdriver, and a teacup

Physical attacks to your computers and disk encryption

Liz and Geoffrey are back with a look at physical computer security - just how much trouble could someone cause if they got access to your laptop for a few minutes? - and what sorts of problems disk encryption can and cannot solve. Also, security issues at popular social media services cause trouble for 90 million Facebook users and every Google+ user.

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Backups are an important part of keeping your devices secure - as mentioned last episode, backups not only help with lost devices but also let you easily and confidently wipe a compromised computer and get back to work quickly. Liz and Geoffrey take a look at different types of backups, including cloud versus local backups.

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Malware, antivirus, and safe downloads

Malware, viruses, worms, adware - whatever you call them, you don't want them on your computer. But how do you keep them away? We take a look at the surprisingly involved process of downloading software from a trustworthy source, as well as the history of why desktop OSes are so vulnerable. Also, Liz talks Geoffrey out of running for office in Japan.

A teacup, a USB cable, and a Thunderbolt cable

Built-in dangers: physical ports, OS defaults, and remote access

From the fancy new USB-C or Thunderbolt ports on your laptop to the software and settings that came with your operating system, there are a lot of potential security concerns with recent computers. Liz and Geoffrey finish up their series on desktop and laptop security by looking at some of the latest threats - and why computers with old-style USB ports aren't much safer. Plus, some new scams to avoid and the scoop on some juicy internal Facebook documents.

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